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International Co-op Students

Co-op is available to all international students who meet the program admission criteria and who have a valid Study Permit, a Co-op Work Permit valid until the end of your next co-op work term and a Social Insurance Number.


Advising for International Co-op Students

For advising on co-op related issues including resumes, cover letters, interviews, workplace culture, etc., schedule an appointment with Veronica Ennett, International Co-op Student Coordinator using myCareer or by emailing Veronica Ennett, International Co-op Student Coordinator or use myCareer.

For International Centre advising relating to work permit information and general issues, email a International Student Advisor to schedule an appointment.

Co-op Work Permit

A valid Co-op Work Permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada is required to apply to co-op job postings. Off-Campus Work Permits are not acceptable for co-op. The Co-op Work Permit cannot be used for non-co-op jobs.

If you do not have a Co-op Work Permit, or if your Co-op Work Permit has expired, apply immediately. You cannot access job postings until you apply for a Co-op Work Permit. Applications take many weeks to be processed: apply at least six months before the work term starts. There is no fee for a Co-op Work Permit.

A letter from the co-op office confirming the work term as part of your program is required for your Co-op Work Permit application—this letter is provided through the Co-op Orientation Workshop.

Your Co-op Work Permit Application must be reviewed by an International Student Advisor in the Dalhousie International Centre.

You must note on your resume that you have applied for a co-op work permit so employers are aware. No other work permit is acceptable.

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Other requirements

International Centre

  • Housing, apartment and sublet exchange information
  • Information sessions on work permits, exchange programs and more
  • Sociocultural Competency workshops on communicating with employers and tactics for workplace success
  • Locations on Sexton Campus and Studley Campus.