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1334 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia   |   902-494-6006

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Regular office hours are 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday, year round.
Call, drop by, or send an e-mail or a fax.
Civic Address:
1334 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mailing Address:
Science, Information Technology, Engineering Co-operative Education
Dalhousie University, 1459 Oxford Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2

General Enquiries: 902-494-6006


    Phone E-mail
Student Contact 902-494-6205
Employer Contact 902-494-6178

Co-op Student Development Team:
Name Title Phone E-mail
Jennie Brimicombe Student Development Coordinator 902-494-4352
Lisa Galway Student Development Coordinator 902-494-6090
Ian Watts Student Development Coordinator 902-494-2723
Caroline Lodge Student Development Coordinator 902-494-1768
Veronica Ennett International Co-op Student Coordinator 902-494-4193
Patsy Langille Student Advisor 902-494-6205
Courtney Ramey Student Advisor 902-494-3378

Co-op Employer Development Team:
Name Title Phone E-mail
Doug Gallant Employer Development Manager 902-494-6155
Paul MacDonald Employer Development Coordinator 902-494-6177
Lori Baker Employer Development Coordinator 902-494-6082
Rosemary Bulley Employer Development Coordinator 902-494-4314
Theresa Myra Employer Development Coordinator 902-494-6448
Paul Mombourquette Employer Development Coordinator 902-494-6178
Megan Wylie Employer Liaison Officer 902-494-6083
Carolyn Stuart-Kotze Employer Liaison Officer 902-494-4353

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anne Marie Coolen Director 902-494-6175
Janet McLaughlin Assistant 902-494-3123
Geoff Smith Communications 902-494-4194

Faculty Co-op Advisors:
Name Title Phone E-mail
Dr. Jan Haelssig Chemical Engineering 902-494-3213
Dr. David Hansen Civil Engineering 902-494-3115
Dr. Rob Beiko Computer Science 902-494-8043
Dr. Jose A Gonzalez-Cueto Electrical Engineering 902-494-3106
Dr. Jan Haelssig Environmental Engineering 902-494-3213
Dr. Ronald Pelot Industrial Engineering 902 494-6113
Dr. Rob Beiko Informatics 902-494-8043
Dr. Jan Haelssig Materials Engineering 902-494-3213
Dr. Lukas G. Swan Mechanical Engineering 902-494-4643
Dr. Dmitry Garagash Mineral Resources 902-494-3956
Dr. Roger McLeod Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 902-494-7013
Mindy McCarville Biology 902-494-7072
Dr. Peng Zhang Chemistry 902-494-3323
Dr. Grant Wach Earth Sciences 902-494-8019
Swapan Dasgupta Economics 902-494-6868
Peter Mushkat Environmental Science 902-430-6097
Dr. Nancy McAllister-Irwin Marine Biology 902-494-3818
Robert Milson Mathematics 902-494-6366
Dr. Craig McCormick Microbiology and Immunology 902-494-2590
Dr. Don Stoltz Microbiology and Immunology 902-494-2590
Dr. Daniel Labrie Physics and Atmospheric Science 902-494-2322
Dr. Michael Dowd Statistics 902-494-1048
Dr. Mark Obrovac Academic Director 902-494-4060